Die Manipulators can easily lift and revolve the top half of die to the desired angle when the die needs to be intervened because of service, repair and others reasons.

This method of working prevents your valuble dies from vast damages during the installation or maintenance periods and also it keeps away the operator from the danger of serious injury.

We deliver die manipulators with lifting capacities from 2 Tons to 60 Tons with regards to total die weight.

Die manipulator does not apply closing force, it provides opening and closing of your die without damage, and possibility to manipulate, assemble , and repair the die easily in minimum time

In systems where parts for different models of a product family are produced on the same press based on are single product chasis, the die manipulator is used for changing inside kits of die models and provides ergonomy and automation.
The die manipulator can be coupled to back or front-operational-force of the press and be integrated to the press control