ce_logoYour old presses’s performance may be acceptable but neither they have modern safety measures nor they are in accord to once with the norms of European Union norms.

With the CE Conversion Project that is prepared by TENERAL engineers, your staff will work safely on your press and your press will be conforming appropriate to European Union norms by the addition of the following safety and engineering factors:

  • Hydraulic and electric circuit is fully compatible with European norms
  • Safe Double Hand Console
  • Optical Guards
  • Ram Lock System


  • Presses are equipped inm accordance with the safety norms of the European Norm
  • Minimum the possibility of accidents on your press
  • A suitable factory environment is provided for working with global customers.
  • Easy follow – up on breakdowns through renewed press documentation

Information is needed for requesting an offer:

  • Photos of press, overall appearance, electrical board and drive group
  • Brand, model information, and technical parameters (Tonnage, dimensions, speed, voltage .)
  • Existing presses documentation, circuit diagrams, parts lists

Attention! CE Conversion application requires significant experience and engineering knowledge. You will exposure to serious danger and additional defects when retrofit wasn’t done by a trusted institution.