Continue your press and machines to production uninterrupted, is possible with preventing the failure and intervening quickly in case of failure, elimination of defects in a short time. Maintenance and service can not be made without documentation and if it makes, this condition is risk and trial and error. All TENERAL’s products are forwarded with all the necessary diagrams and definition for service. TENERAL’s engineers can prepare a complete business documentation for current press and machine at your company. This documentation must have the following minimal content for any press or machine,

  • Definition of machine work
  • Instruction manual
  • Technical specifications
  • Maintenance List
  • General Appearance Wiev Drawings
  • Mechanical scheme
  • Hydraulic scheme
  • Electrical schemate
  • Pneumatic diagram
  • Part Lists
  • List of spare parts
  • Basic layout plan
  • Service call information

New machine manufacturer companies use documentation service of TENERAL, for their new machinery production. Machine documentation which compliance with CE norms are prepared within the scope of coverage of TENERAL services for new machinery products, gives you a very competitive advantage. You can present a modern machine documentation as a sales element in all customer contacts.