In today’s production environment preventive service and preventing failures are more important than servicing the breakdowns of sheet processing machine.

Your machine can be operated with minimum problems and with as few as possible interruptions when protected by a TENERAL Service Act.


The production machine which is protected by a TENERAL Service Act bears the following advantages

  • First, all documentation is completed to enter our service portfolio
  • So your machine becomes serviceable either at site or even remotely
  • Your machine’s regular reveutive service gets done without a service call
  • Needs of spare parts will be examined and replacement procedures will be documented
  • For critical control components replacements are scheduled before a break down.
  • Performance statistics will be kept to minimize the down time
  • Heavy repairs can be done in our factory, with our machinery.
  • The machine will be gradually updated in paralellity with technological developments

By buying service act, your press and sheet working machine are serviced by technicions who are experts of this subject, have database of the breakdown that contain numerous different defects of the same machine and you will be preserved from trial – and – error loses.

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