TENERAL can provide an extended use of your machine such as new for many years by overhauling your machine whose mechanical life has not replenished.
That old pres of yours…. But like new!
You can own presses that have today’s technological standards and current performance values by engineering a revision project on your existing presses with much less cost of the new
Advantages :

  • 30% of the cost and 90% of the performance of a new investment factory
  • On the same factory floor, up to 3 times the performance without a different factory layout
  • Different operational functions through the addition of modern technology components.
  • Minimal breakdowns disruptions with new control boards and circuits
  • Easy supply of spare parts and standardization
  • Much faster follow-up on failures with new documentation
  • New equipment training for operators
  • Effective operator protection through the addition of modern safety equipment