TENERAL provides an extensive source of spare parts for all machines in our portfolio, with ready – made components and engineered custom components.
Particularly for the machinery that enter our portfolio covered by a Maintenance Act, a procument plan is made priarly to provide spane parts.

  • All electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic instrumentation projects,
  • Machine software,
  • Installation, software uploads and
  • Commissioning

Are engineered without a dominating outsource.

Owing to this personnel, we provide the following advantages:

  • For outdated PLCs, controllers, proportional valves electronic cards and similar parts without back-up,
  • By making an advance preparation of the necessary new software,
  • We provide economic consumption of the life time until the component becomes out-of-service

and so ensure a smooth renewal in case of failure.

Advantages with TENERAL Spare Parts Service

  • A reliable sales offer with reasonable commercial terms, which does not require market search.
  • Economic alternatives which go along with a revision offer, with you making a market research
  • Recording of part orders history of your press, for problem-free repetition of orders
  • Instead of parts that are out of production line produce,determination and order of contemporary parts whose performance is tested