TENERAL Technology Engineering Group, whose main activity is presentation of modern material forming technology to the use of ındustry, has a machine park to provide a laboratory environment for customer projects where the production volume cannot afford new facility investment.

Sheet metal forming presses from 50 Tons to 1000 Tons are operated at TENERAL Machine Park to provide die testing and sample part production service to customer companies.

Current status of TENERAL’s capacity for die testing

Max Press Force : 1000 Tons

Table Size : 2800 x 1600 mm on 6 presses

At our die testing line, 50 Tons, 200 Tons, 400 Tons, 500 Tons, 700 Tons and 1000 Tons presses can be used for different die shapes and have different control abilities.

You can make use of presses in our die testing line, for die testing and for pressing samples for your die customers, without hindering your on-going production during that time, samples of dies that manufacture for your customers, production of test.